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With a passion for archaeology, Ishvinder has set out to document the history of the Sikh community in Singapore. This idea was first conceived in Bukit Brown cemetery, where numerous Sikh statues stand guard at the tombs of Chinese merchants. Ishvinder is also an alumni of Tedx Youth Singapore, where he delivered his talk entitled ‘In search of a shared heritage in 2014. He is a graduate from the National University of Singapore in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Technopreneurship.

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Vithya was a graduate in South Asian Studies and Political Science from the National University of Singapore. Here, she explored various fields including the memory of violence, center-state relations, place making, the visual, and the practiced. In these, she found herself constantly being returned to thinking about the Sikh community and Punjab. It is as an extension from this that she has also turned to looking at the Singaporean Sikh community. Currently braving the seasons in New York City though, Vithya is a Masters student in Columbia University where she continues to think about violence, memory and place.

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